Don't buy new expensive air filters - have Intec clean them!

Business owners, parts managers and mechanics agree that air filters are expensive! Save money by having your filters professionally cleaned by Intec!


Cleaning filters costs much less than buying new!

Intec: Air Filter Cleaning You Can Trust©

Attention to detail allows Intec to set the benchmark for the industry. Learn more about Intec on the following pages. If you require assistance, send an email or call. Or, placing your order online is as simple as 1, 2, 3. To find out how, please check out the the "Let's Get Started: Place Your Order" page on the menu on the left.

It's simple! We Clean - We Test - You Save $$$!


We Clean - Air filters for many industries.


We Test & Inspect - After cleaning, we test & inspect to assure your filters meet industry specifications.


You Save $$$ - What will you do with your savings achieved by significantly lowering your                                                                             air filter budget?

You Are Green! Using Intec to clean your air filters means that you are keeping them out of the landfills, thus helping your company be more "green"!


Want to know more about our business and the services we provide? Get detailed information here.

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