Free Demo

Intec has the ability to save your company thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars each year with our unique, verifiable, and traceable technology. All we need is one of your dirty air filters to allow us to prove our technology is viable.


- Ship an air filter to Intec, or - Contact Intec, we will be happy to pick it up.


We will clean, test, and return your filter for free. You can then compare your Intec cleaned air filter to a new one.


Let's Get Started!

Pilot Program

Some of our customers begin using our service by testing us to see if we measure up to what we claim we will do! We have found that this is an ideal way to begin a business relationship that will last for a very long time.


If the free demo doesn't convince you, let us start out by cleaning air filters for one of your departments, or a particular kind of filter (like cab filters, for example), or one of your branch facilities. You can even limit us to a period of time for the pilot program - we suggest 3 to 4 months minimum. This will give your people time to get to know us and we will have time to answer any concerns they might have.