Customized Service

Air filter applications vary industry to industry. Some applications are more demanding than others. The Intec process allows you to set the benchmarks that you require for your cleaned air filters.


√ Testing Benchmarks - We test air filters by comparing them to new ones of the same make. You can decide that any filter not be allowed to pass the test when it tests below a certain percentage that you require. For example, you might want all of your filters to fail the test when they test below 75% of a brand new filter. Or, you may decide that this is OK for all of your filters except for a particular type of filter and when we test that filter you might want it to fail the test when it tests below 90%. We can customize testing to your exacting requirements.


√ Times Cleaned - Most of our customers become comfortable with Intec's testing capability and let us decide when a filter should not be cleaned anymore and should be replaced with a new one. However, until you reach that point, you can decide on a cutoff point. For example, you may require us to not clean your filters after a certain amount of "cleans". We have some customers that don't want us to clean their filters any more than 7 times. We can do that because our barcoding system allows us to track individual history of each filter.


√ Minor Repairs - We have the ability to reglue gaskets, or replace them entirely. We can also fix minor dents and dings to bent cages. Some filters are designed in such a way as to allow us to repair the media. You decide what you want done and we'll do it - for free! There is no extra charge for this service.


√ Bagged & Boxed - We recommend every filter that we clean be returned to you sealed in a plastic bag and placed inside its original box. However, you decide if you want both, either one or none at all!


√ Replacing Filters - Every filter will eventually wear out. We can save you the hassle of buying a new one when it's time to replace one. Should you decide to, we can simply buy a new one for you and return it with the cleaned ones! Once again, no additional charge over the normal price of replacing the filter for this service.


We treat your filters as though they are our own. Let us help you set up your customized service today!